At Kinan Integrated Solutions, we work to bring the Arab world closer to our reality, making trade relations between both worlds easier. With over 300 million people, this is certainly a promising but also inhospitable, market. Arabic is the first obstacle to being able to understand and enter this market.

We are aware of this and so work with the Al-Fanar Foundation for Arabic Knowledge. For over ten years, its team has been supporting different stakeholders interested in obtaining a complete, accurate understanding of this reality. This is done through analyzing, in the Arab media, the performance of projects, brands and products across the geographical areas and media of these countries.

In this endeavor, we have identified the renewable energy sector in the Arab world as a source of opportunities for international companies.

This has been one of the fastest growing sectors in the region for the last five years. The commitment to this type of energy is strategic even in oil-producing countries which prefer to choose renewable energy to generate electricity and so obtain more oil production revenue by not having to put part of this into creating electricity.

To this end, we have put our ability to track, analyze and translate via our customized search engine Kinan in this sector. In this way, we want to transform the language barrier into an advantage for companies interested in exploring new markets in which to expand, providing our customers with access to the necessary information for possibly setting up in the Arab market or to improve their current position.