The consortium, led by the Saudi ACWA, together with the Spanish companies Aries Engineers and Systems and TSK Electronics and Electricity, have won a contract of 1,000 million dollars to build a concentrated solar power plant (CSP) of 160MW in southeastern Morocco (Ouarzazate). The consortium is responsible for designing, financing, constructing, operating and maintaining the plant. ACWA participates in the consortium with 95% of the shares and the other two Spanish companies with 5%.

This is the first adjudication of a solar project in Ouarzazate which will have a production capacity of 160MW. Morocco expects to attract 9,000 million dollars in investments to produce 2,000MW of solar energy in 2020, i.e. 42% of its energy needs. This solar project includes the construction of five solar power plants in the southern half of the country in an area with a total of 10,000 hectares.

Source: Lakum and Al Al-Arab Al-Yaum, 01/10/2012

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