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Saudi Arabia

Report: it is the right time to exploit renewable energy in the Gulf

A specialized economic report mentions that the Gulf Arab countries subsidized energy and electricity prices with more than $100 billion dollars in 2011. According to the report carried out by

Saudi Government determined to use solar

Saudi Arabia may be at the early stages of developing a solar power market, yet all the signs are pointing to a remarkable determination by the government to diversify the

Saudi Arabia: investment and strategic planning for renewable energy sector

New solar plants The Saudi Electricity Company has opened the period for submission of tenders for the construction, acquisition and operation of the first power plant to run on fossil

Renewable Resource Atlas

King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) presents this Renewable Resource Atlas of Saudi Arabia in support of achievement of a sustainable energy mix.  The Atlas provides newly

Saudi Arabia will build the world’s largest solar desalination

The public Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia (SWCC) has announced that it will create the largest solar desalination plant in the world in the Khafji province (in the

Saudi Arabia launches an atlas of renewable energy on 18 December

The case of renewable energy in the Saudi kingdom enters a new practical phase thanks to the atlas of renewable energy developed by ​​KA Care in which local and international

GCC countries invest US$155 billion in solar energy

According to the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, the six member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have begun building solar plants with investments amounting to US$155 billion.  These plants

Jeddah lights its streets with solar energy

The Jeddah municipality has launched a pilot project to light the streets of the Saudi town with solar energy. The municipality has not given details of the cost of the

According to a Ernst & Young survey, the United Arab Emirates is the most attractive market for clean technologies in the region

The results of a survey by Ernst & Young on clean technologies in the Middle East and North Africa, in collaboration with the Council of Clean Energy Industries (CEBC) and

Perspective on sustainable energy in Arab countries

A report on Sustainable Energy in Arab countries was published at the opening of the annual congress of the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), held on 28 -29