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Islamophobia is a growing phenomenon in Europe, condoned by the way it is handled in certain parts of the media and political discourse. In this context, Muslim women, particularly those who wear a hijab, suffer the most discrimination — the figures of gender islamophobia are telling: in 2017, Muslim women were the victims of 69% of Islamophobic acts in France (CCIF) and 58% in Great Britain (Tell Mama).

The situation in the Spanish press is not much better, with 65% of articles on Muslim women or hijabs in 2017 analysed by the Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media classified as Islamophobic. This alarming data gave rise to the idea of designing a campaign to alert the media and the general public to hijab-related prejudice, with the idea of the campaign resulting from a social laboratory featuring the participation of 15 Spanish organisations. Consequently, the decision was made to create a video highlighting certain stereotypes that undermine women who decide to wear a hijab.

The stories upon which the video “Remove labels from the veil” are based come from real situations compiled by members of Stop-Islamophobia in Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and Italy. These common labels must be broken to ensure women are not automatically pigeonholed before a question is even asked.

Campaign supported by:

Organization / Project Name



Observatorio de la Islamofobia en los Medios @ObsIslamofobia España
Fundación Al Fanar para el Conocimiento Árabe @Al_Fanar España
IEMed @IEMed_ España
Casa Árabe @Casaarabe España
Fundación Tres Culturas @FunTresCulturas España
Fundación Euroárabe @FundEuroArabe España
Stop Islamophobia Project @StopIslamopho Europeo
Transnational Institute @TNInstitute Holanda
Izi Solutions @IZIsolutions Holanda
NOOR Foundation @noorimages Holanda-internacional
Spin Watch @Spinwatch Gran Bretaña
Comité Justice et Liberte pour Tous @justicelibertes Francia
Un ponte per @Ponteper Italia
MDI @MDI_UK Reino Unido



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