The results of a survey by Ernst & Young on clean technologies in the Middle East and North Africa, in collaboration with the Council of Clean Energy Industries (CEBC) and the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA), show that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are the most attractive markets in the sector in the Middle East and north Africa. Other markets such as Qatar, Jordan, Morocco and Egypt demonstrate great potential. Solar energy is considered the primary source of energy in growth potential throughout the Middle East and North Africa compared to other renewable sources.

In this context, Nimer Abu Ali, department head of clean technology services in the Middle East and North Africa of Ernst & Young said: «Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have vast financial resources to invest in renewable energy. Although funding is an important factor for the development of clean energy, there are other aspects that play an important role in making the market attractive such as the market size and the social and political conditions.”

Source: Al-Bayan and Al-Riyadh, 14/11/13

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