The Arab Future Energy Index (AFEX) was launched by the Regional Centre of Renewal Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE) at the inauguration the IV Beirut Energy Forum, in one of the parallel workshops. Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt are at the forefront of the thirteen Arab countries which make up the index in terms of sustainable energy. AFEX is the first Arab index which measures the competitive potential of the Arab zone in the renewable energy sector, as well as offering quantitative and qualitative analysis for key renewable energy and energy efficiency market dimensions. The RCREE is an independent, not-for-profit, international organization, established by the El Cairo Declaration and made up of 13 Arab countries.

The key findings raised by AFEX are the following:

  • The Arab region has substantial unutilized renewable energy resources that could contribute to diversifying the energy supply and improving the environmental performance
  • Most of the Arab countries have adopted long-term renewable energy targets
  • The region overall performs poorly in private investment in the renewable energy field

Download full report.

Source: Afaq Biía y Al Safir, October 2013

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