The Electricity and Water Authority has launched an experimental project to produce 3MW of solar energy and 2MW of wind energy. Although it is expected that the country will have an electricity surplus until 2016, the government is considering new electricity projects for the future. It has taken important steps in the use of renewable energy and energy saving through measures such as the thermal insulation of buildings, the implementation of a rating system of green buildings, improving the performance of the air conditioning of spaces and the installation of low power devices for public lighting .The Electricity and Water Authority launched a tender to import and install nearly 2 million light bulbs in late May as part of an ambitious plan to reduce energy consumption. The World Bank is cooperating in this plan and investments of 3 billion dinars will be made.

Bahrain will be the second Arab country and the first Gulf State to implement this program. The State’s ambitious Vision 2030 considers the generation of 10% of its electricity (more than 400MW) from renewable energy sources. Bahrain’s Minister of Electricity and Water reported that the solar plant of Awali City (5MW) will be operational by the end of 2013. This plant will form part of a project involving Petra Solar, Bapco, and the National Authority for Oil and Gas Bahrain (NOGA) which intends to provide solar energy to various parts of the kingdom, such as Awali or the University of Bahrain. In this respect, the director of the Bahrain’s General Directorate of Environment announced the creation of a mega solar plant on the Hawar islands although the details were not disclosed. Electricity consumption in Bahrain (1.2 million inhabitants) will grow 8% this year, several points higher than previous years (between 4% and 6%). The country produces 4,000 MW but only consumes 3.200MW.

Fuente: Al Wasat, 13/05/2013

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