Entrada_mapaIslamic feminism is “an ideological current with that is both epistemological and an advocacy in nature, which challenges two knowledge systems: The Western-style feminism on the one hand, and the Islamic patriarchal system on the other. It is used as both an analytical as well as an identity category” as it has been defined by the research project REISCONCEP coordinated by Luz Gómez (UAM) and the workgroup Ideologías y Expresiones Culturales en el Mundo Árabe Contemporáneo (IEXCUL).


Fundación Al Fanar has designed a concept map based on REISCONCEP contents and within the framework of the project Stop-Islamophobia to disclose that ideological current that has been often underestimated in our Western societies.


Islamic Feminism_Conceptual map

Feminismo Islámico_Mapa conceptual


The contents of the map were presented by a video in Spanish:

Mapa pantallazo


Stop-Islamophobia is an international collective against Islamophobia whose objectives are providing new analysis on the impact of policies, laws, political discourse and media in normalising Islamophobia, to aid national and European authorities to adopt human rights-based best practices; raising awareness among policy makers, public officials and other key public figures regarding the structural drivers that normalise anti-Muslim racism and mobilising support for human rights-based alternatives; strengthening (Muslim) civil society’s capacity to mobilise and combat Islamophobia through cooperation, capacity building, organising within communities, networks, and organisations; and increasing the general public’s awareness of, and resilience to, structural drivers of Islamophobia through accessible information and platforms for public engagement in policy.


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«The content of the concept map and the video represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission does not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains”.




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