Egypt’s Minister of Trade and Industry has announced the start of the implementation of a solar project for the air conditioning of industrial and commercial establishments in cooperation with the Industrial Council for Technology and Innovation and UNIDO. The project will cost $6.5 billion and will be financed by the Global Environment Facility.

In addition, Egypt’s Environment minister inaugurated an experimental plant of concentrated solar energy that is one of the projects financed by the Fund for Scientific and Technological Development in collaboration with Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering. The project aims to develop the Egyptian model of a concentrated solar power system. The minister said that wind and solar energy will be the most important energy sources in 2050.

In turn, the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity has signed a contract to create a large network for the transport of electricity in the wind farm complex of Gabel Zait in the Gulf of Suez to the National Electricity Grid. The project, awarded to an Indian company, will cost US$95.7 million and the 500KW generated in Gabal Zait will be added to the electrical axis between Aswan Dam and Cairo. The project is funded by the World Bank and its construction will take two years


Al-Hayat, Moheet14/12/13

Al-Ahram, 23/12/13

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