Egypt launches a project to generate electricity from wind power next year

Early next year the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity will start operating the project of electricity generation from wind power with a capacity of 200MW. The project will be completed in June of that year. Several European partners KfW Entwicklungsbank, the European Investment Bank and the European Commission will cooperate in its cost of 2,000 million pounds.

In addition, several wind projects are being prepared for implementation with a total capacity of 1.940MW in cooperation with Japan, Spain, Germany, the European Investment Bank, the French Development Agency and European Union. The private sector is conducting several projects with a capacity of 970MW in the Suez area.

Source: Al-Mesryoon, Misr Al-Youm and Al-Amal, 06/11/13


The World Bank funds a project to generate electricity with clean energy in Egypt

The aim of the project is for clean energy to contribute 10 % to electricity generation in 2018, as well as creating 4,000 jobs. The World Bank participated in the total cost of the project with $500 million, although other regional partners, such as the Islamic Development Bank, the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, also contributed.

Source: Al-Bawaba, 07/11/13


Plant to generate solar electricity in Aswan in 2016

This is the first project to generate electricity from CPV in Egypt. The project will cost 4,500 million Egyptian pounds and will have a production capacity of 100 million kilowatts. The World Bank, the African Development Bank, European Investment Bank, the French Development Agency and KfW Entwicklungsbank will contribute 3,500 million Egyptian (?) pounds and the Egyptian government, the rest.

Source: Al-Mandara, 03/11/13


The Egyptian Minister of Environment and the Federation of Industries study the challenges of using alternative fuels in Egyptian industry

During the meeting it was agreed that a committee be formed within the Federation of Industries which would include the energy and alternative energy committees. It will be responsible for negotiating the use of new energy sources to replace coal with the Ministries of Environment, Oil and Electricity.

Source: Rosa Al-Yusef,  01/11/13

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