New solar plants

The Saudi Electricity Company has opened the period for submission of tenders for the construction, acquisition and operation of the first power plant to run on fossil fuels (natural gas) and solar energy. The plant, to be built near Tabuk, will have a capacity of 550MW.

Meanwhile, KA Care has signed new contracts to install solar energy in schools and industrial cities and build solar power plants in various parts of the country within the framework of an agreement signed with the  Technical and Vocational Training Corporation whereby 70 units for measuring solar energy and 40 units for measuring wind energy will be created.

Business investment with public support

Within the framework of Saudi Arabia’s energy diversification policy and KA Care’s plan to produce 41GW of solar energy by 2030 thanks to projects estimated at over $93,330 million, the technological city KACST will invest more than $533 million in emerging companies.

In addition, the Saudi Technology Development and Investment Company (TAQNIA) has signed an agreement with SUN & LIFE to gain strategic control of the company that will become Taqnia Renewable Energy.

Solar desalination

Saudi Arabia uses solar energy in all desalination plants in the country after a research team managed to design high efficiency solar collectors at competitive prices. The local industry produces 95 % of the components of the solar collectors. The Saudi kingdom is implementing the National Initiative for Water Desalination with Solar Energy with three stages over a period of nine years. The aim of the first phase is to build a desalination plant with a production capacity of 30,000 m³ per day to meet the drinking water needs of the city of Al Jafshi thanks to the construction of a 10MW solar plant and reverse osmosis membranes in a period of three years. The second phase involves the construction of a solar desalination plant with a daily capacity of 300,000 m³. In the third phase, several solar desalination plants for all regions of the kingdom will be built.


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