According to the president of the Gulf Environment Forum (GEF), Amir Turki Ben Naser Ben Abdelaziz Al-Saud, if the Arab economies do not reform their current structures they will not be able to create 60 million jobs for 2020 which could generate an ecologically orientated economy.

Sustainable agriculture could generate for the Arab countries savings of between 5% and 6% of their GDP as a result of an increase in water productivity. This is the equivalent of 114,000 million dollars annually, as well as millions of jobs in the rural areas where 76% of the poor in the Arab world live. […] A cutback of 25% on energy subsidies could free up 100,000 million (dollars) in three years which could be reinvested in the production of green energy and the creation of millions of jobs.

[…] Transforming the transport sector of the Arab world into ecological would generate savings of about 23,000 million dollars annually.

Source: Al-Jazirah.

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