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Anyone who wants to participate in the workshop should have a background on the comics and send their previous work to the following email

When selecting participants, they will be notified by email



Believing that art mirrors society and establishes effective community participation among artists and people alike, and encourages everyone involved in cultivating culture through different scoop, and within this spirit , Al Fanar Foundation, based in Madrid- Spain, in a partnership with Kawkab El rasameen and Koshk Comics from Egypt comes their idea of a valuable Comics workshop.
A two days long interactive workshop will allow the comic Spanish artist Manu Ripoll to share his experiences with the participants. It will also help raise the technical (, specially about the sketching techniques) and conceptual level of the participants who are taking part in this workshop.

The idea behind this particular workshop was inspired by the comic scene in Egypt and Spain. The Middle East at the moment is witnessing a rise in the fields of arts and comics, which as an art form is reaching the level of lauded literature.



18th-19th December 2017.


Instituto Cervantes
20 Boulos Hana St., Ad Doqi, Giza

Number of Participants
Maximum 10 artists.

The aspiring artists will be picked according to their Comics skills.
The purpose of our Workshop:

In addition to holding a workshop that will enrich the minds of the participants, this workshop will result in a comic anthology that is reflective of the participating artists – a collective online comics output  to be publish on Koshk Comics App and website. Also will be translated into Spanish and publish in Fundación Al Fanar website and App.

An entire section of this workshop will be produced by artists, who have a strong background in drawing comics.


Artist bio manu ripoll

Manu Ripoll teaches narrative sketching in Barcelona, illustrates comics books (The Oukskirts, Un regalo para Kushbu) and draw performances. He honed his skills travelling around Africa, Central America and Asia doing carnet de voyage drawing after obtaining his fine arts degree in Spain and Poland and later his master degree specialising in graphic art and illustration from Escola Joso in Barcelona. In 2016 he was awared first prize for best reportage in the French retailer Fnac´s urban sketching competition. He has also participated in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Primavera Graphic Sound sketching concerts in Barcelona. He has published with Astiberri and Norma Comics.

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