Dear friends,
As the Fundación Al Fanar and Vento.tv we are writing to present you a tool that can be very useful inproviding assistance and support to refugees who arrive in Europe. VentoRefugees is a mobile app that uses videoconference calls to connect refugees (and the volunteers who receive them) with translators who are able to be in any location. The volunteer translators only have to download the application VentoRefugees on their mobile (currently only with Android devices) or connect via web to register and be able to get involved.

With this tool the translators are able to provide assistance when they chose without needing to physically move to where the refugees are. In this way, the opportunity to collaborate is open to any multilingual person who has access to an internet connection. When the translator has a spare moment they simply activate their profile and will then appear as available on the list of translators.

For their part the volunteer who requires the language assistance only has to consult the list of translators available and click on the icon to initiate the communication. Establishing a connection can be done either through the web page or through the app.

We encourage you to share the app with your network of translator collaborators and organisations working with refugees.

In no way is this a professional translation service, which we understand must be facilitated by the governments, but it is a way of broadening the capacity of solidarity and direct work between citizens and refugees.

If you have any question you can read our FAQ or contact us: contacto@fundacionalfanar.org







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