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diciembre 2013

Renewable Energy in Jordan – Potential and Progress

Jordan is heavily dependent on oil imports from neighbouring countries to meet its energy requirements. The huge cost associated with energy imports creates a financial burden on the national economy.

MENA market set to revolutionise global PV market with on grid and desalination opportunities

As part of the recent announcement of the 6th Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference 2014 (MENASOL, 6-7 May, Dubai), PV Insider has produced “PV in MENA: Turning Policy

Algeria aims to start construction of 20 solar plants before summer 2014

Algeria wants to start construction before 2014, within the National Program for the Development of Renewable Energy, and receive another 60 plants by 2020. The goal is to install 22MW

Egypt’s plan to build 10 solar plants

The Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Energy announced that the state intends to build 10 solar power plants by 2017, as well as other wind projects and the creation of

A fund will inject US$40 million into a wind project in Jordan

The InfraMed fund will have a 50% stake in the company that will build a 117MW wind farm which will cost US$290 million. The Hermes Financial Group is one of

Saudi Arabia will build the world’s largest solar desalination

The public Saline Water Conversion Corporation of Saudi Arabia (SWCC) has announced that it will create the largest solar desalination plant in the world in the Khafji province (in the

Saudi Arabia launches an atlas of renewable energy on 18 December

The case of renewable energy in the Saudi kingdom enters a new practical phase thanks to the atlas of renewable energy developed by ​​KA Care in which local and international

GCC countries invest US$155 billion in solar energy

According to the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, the six member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have begun building solar plants with investments amounting to US$155 billion.  These plants

EU-Egypt Innovation Fund – Innovation Cluster for renewable energy

Tre will be six sectors that could establish pilot clusters and be supported under this Call, namely Renewable energy, Food, Aquatic resources, Sustainable tourism, Education and lifelong learning, and Research and

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO): comprehensive strategy for the future of renewable energy in Egypt for early next year

The UNIDO representative in Egypt reported that this agency and the Minister of Industry will work from the beginning of next year to support Egyptian energy through a comprehensive strategy